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"I first read Loyalty among Women while sitting at the deathbed of a vowed woman whose 50 years of community and mentoring has greatly benefitted me.  I wept because the deep loyalty among friends portrayed therein mirrored my own experience.  St. Clair’s book enlivens issues familiar to most of us in a tender, poignant, insightful, and thoughtful manner: the tragedy of miscarriage, the depth of friendship, the trauma of misunderstanding, and, ultimately, the triumph of love. This book will save lives.” Sister Carole Riley, Ph.D., Executive Director, West Virginia Institute for Spirituality.  >


"Naomi & Ruth should be read by every woman as it gives voice to all stages and ages of our lives. The characters’ compassion, determination and courage nudge us into asking ourselves the difficult questions — the ones that can uncover our true selves. Your neshama will surely be rekindled." Rebbetzin Nancy Beltran-Schreiber


"St Clair has written a marvelously unique novel about the powerful story of Ruth and her mother-in-law, Naomi. It is written as if the women themselves are telling the deeply personal and difficult journey two ordinary women share. St Clair’s book is filled with well-researched historical accuracy, intrigue, imagination and is told through heart-breaking details of exodus and joyous redemption. The significance of this relationship thus becomes the tale of the history of Israel in shorthand. Their story is Israel’s story, their loyalty becomes God’s loyalty, and their redemption becomes our redemption as ordinary people capable of extraordinary purpose. It is a must-read for those yearning to hear the voices of women speaking to us out of the densely patriarchal world of the Hebrew Bible. It is a joy and gift to read." Rev. Bonnie Boyce (Presbyterian Minister).


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