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An introduction to the healing teachings of Christ along with directions for seven Reiki meditations that will bring about well-being and health.


As a Christian and a minister, I often pray for people. I don't fully understand how or who or what responds, but something or someone does. I prefer to call this mystery God, but a name is unimportant. What matters is that there is a real force at work through the prayer of intentional goodwill. This is reinforced by Jesus. Not only did he heal souls and minds through his teaching and example, he also physically healed people with his hands and his spit. His apostles became healers too. In Acts 3: 1-10 we learn about a man who is healed from lameness by Peter and John: the apostles look intently at the man and call upon the name of Jesus Christ, telling the man to stand up and walk; his feet and ankles are made strong and he is able to walk; he begins to praise God.

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