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A Woman of Substance

Author: Christina St Clair

May 22, 2021

This image is from What Ruth Can Teach Us About Celebrating Shavuot | My Jewish Learning and emphasizes how in the Book of Ruth, God is not a ruthless and all powerful force, but rather is chesed (lovingkindness) and loyalty.

I once worked for the University of Pittsburgh for a hateful man who did everything he could to make my life and his graduate students' lives miserable. My husband was going to school at the time and I was the principal wage earner: This boss would threaten me constantly about how I needed the job or I'd not be able to pay my mortgage and would end up homeless. He was a terrorist!

I was desperately looking for another job when I was interviewed by Dr. Julie Hotchkiss in another department. My awful boss badmouthed me so I wouldn't get the job, but I'd told Dr. Hotchkiss the truth about my work experience. She believed me and hired me and gave me a chance.

Her kindness and competence stay with me to this day, remembering how she treated me with respect and dignity. She was a marvelous and accomplished woman who restored my confidence.

Naomi, in my novel, restores Ruth through her acceptance and kindness.


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