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My Mother-in-Law, Ruth

You always hear derogatory mother-in-law jokes: “A police recruit is asked during an exam, “What would you do if you had to arrest your own mother-in-law?” He replies, “I’d call for backup.” (Funny Mother In Law Jokes and Puns | Will make you laugh! (

My mother-in-law, Ruth, backed me up (as in supported me) in many ways. She was a deeply spiritual woman who cared for other people and deeply loved her family. She was glad when her son, Philip, brought me to Warren, Ohio where he introduced us to one another. One evening on our way out for dinner Ruth inadvertently called Philip my husband and then she giggled and said she hoped that would be the case.

And it was.

I thought of my Mom-in-Law as a spiritual friend just like Naomi was to her daughter-in-law, Ruth. Mom was kind and gracious and made the best pies you have ever eaten. She used to bake pecan pie specially for me because she knew I loved it.

I was so fortunate to have known her. I kid Philip to this day that I married him for his mother.


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