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Respect For a Remarkable Woman

It was quite a surprise to hear from a WSAZ media person, Susan Nicholas Korstanje, after I hung my Union Jack on my front porch to commemorate and to honor the death of Queen Elizabeth II. Susan sent a cameraman out to film the flag and record and interview me. His name was Jay and he was great! Here is the link to the brief interview: Former UK citizen living in Ashland honors Queen Elizabeth II (

I was three years old in 1953 when Queen Elizabeth was coronated. It's one of my earliest memories. People were holding street parties and sharing their TVs with those who didn't yet own a TV. I do not remember actually watching the coronation, but only remember festivities and being in Catford at my Aunt Violet's house.

I, much like my father, was not much in favor of the monarchy or all that pageantry in my early days, but my view shifted as time passed and as I observed the Queen's remarkable steadfastness and decency. I particularly loved that as a young woman thrust into this important role, she did not bow or kowtow to Winston Churchill or anyone else, including her husband, but made her own decisions and led the way as a woman with enormous visibility and clout.

And, of course, I love the horses and have had the great joy in London of petting one or two of them while their mounted guards looked on stoically!


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