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Shepherd.Com is a wonderful website that promotes authors and their books.

Last month they had 180,000+ visitors! Their service is completely free.

I submitted my book Naomi and Ruth: Loyalty Among Women for inclusion in their site which competes with Goodreads but is much easier to use. I found their marketing expertise helpful and professional. Their team guided me through the process with excellent suggestions. They asked for five reviews of books that related to my novel. I had to think long and hard before choosing. Even though my book is fiction, I decided to review non-fiction books, including a book of poetry. All of these books, written by women, are books I find spiritually enlightening. It was a fun way of marketing and hopefully, while promoting other authors. will also help sell my book

They help you sell books by putting your book in front of readers who are a perfect match for your book.

Imagine an author named Sam wrote a historical fiction book about the D-Day landings in WW2. If Sam writes a book list on "the best historical fiction books about WW2", he knows that the readers who visit that list will also be interested in his book.

This is why the topic, theme, or mood matches your target audience. And Shepherd does a lot behind the scenes to help readers find your list.

The topic/theme of your list can be based on genre, mood, feeling, occupation, and much more. Here are some of the different types of approaches authors use when creating a list.

Your book recommendations show your passion, expertise, and voice. This increases interest in you and your book.

Our book recommendation format is designed with this in mind. We focus on why you personally recommend that book. And we keep the recommendation short, ranging from 50 to 130 words.

We don't want authors to explain what The Lord Of The Rings is about (that is what the marketing description is for). We want you to tell readers why you love the book and what it means to you. Or, if it is non-fiction, what that book taught you and why you recommend it so strongly. Readers come to our website to find personal recommendations that get them excited about a book.

Shepherd.Com - Discover the Best Books


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