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Woman of Vast Possibilities

The photo is of my friend, Bonnie Boyce, next to her painting of her Christening dress. She shows the endless possibilities in a woman’s life. From her beginnings as a talented guitarist which she still is—we often sing folk songs together with her accompaniment. She became a family and marriage counselor and has helped many people. She worked (after having been a draftswoman) as an engineer who designed roads. She earned a MDiv and is an ordained minister who delivers meaningful and deep sermons, and she has pastored Presbyterian churches. During the Pandemic she began painting and now is an accomplished artist. Two of her paintings are on display at an exhibition in the Huntington Museum of Art.

Her work will be available for sale at an exhibit of her work in Art in the Park June 11-12, 2022 in Ritter Park in Huntington, WV where you can also get to meet this remarkable woman.

Like the friends Naomi and Ruth, in my novel Loyalty Among Women, Bonnie is a true friend. And like Naomi she raised two sons on her own. Fortunately, her sons are healthy and are dads with their own kids.


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