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Faith Journey

Superb spiritual and witty writer Anne Lamott, in her book Traveling Mercies, tells of her faith journey. She’d been showing up in the doorway of a small Presbyterian Church for a while, hung over, drugged, and a real mess. She liked the music, but one morning she was too hungover to stand, and she sat down. The people of that small church accepted and helped her, realizing how broken she was.

She did not immediately become a member but after a night of heavy drinking, she sensed a presence in her loft, and at first thought it must be the spirit of her father. Soon she realized it was Jesus, and her doubt turned to belief. She became a resurrection person in Christ. Many years later she is still a member of that small 50-person congregation in Marin County, California, and she teaches Sunday School there.

Anne Lamott was not delusional. True mystical experiences result in fruit for oneself and for others. Her life was turned around. Her spiritual essays and deep reflections have made her quite famous and given many people fresh insight into the importance of everyday experiences.

One need only notice the wonder around us such as the solitary blue flower I noticed on a vine that never bloomed before. I spent a few moments admiring it. As I finish my time as an Interim Minister at Central Christian Church in Huntington, WV, I wonder what lies ahead and how I might be a branch of the vine, Jesus, who has been central in my life. I trust Mystery (G-D) to guide and strengthen me so that I, like that unexpected blue flower, might bloom.

May you also bloom in beautiful and unexpected ways!


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